Mid-Level Executive Struggles with Communication Styles

The Problem

For the sake of this case study and honoring the privacy of the client, we are going to call this client Michelle. Michelle had recently got a new boss at work and struggled greatly with the style of communication her new boss had. As a result, she found herself second-guessing the leader that she was and was experiencing a lot of self-doubts. She was constantly concerned about not being good enough for her position and even getting fired. This resulted in her working additional hours to show her worth which took away from her self-care and impacted her health.

The Solution

Larisa provided coaching for this client. During coaching sessions, she asked powerful questions such as “What’s a fact in this situation?:, “How do you see yourself?”, “What are the qualities you are proud of in yourself?”, “How are you making a difference?”. “What labels have you given yourself?”, and “Who are you?”. These questions were thought-provoking and allowed the client to gain greater insight into the situation and her life in general.

The Outcome

Through coaching, Michelle was able to find more self-confidence and uncovered that her new boss communicated a certain way with everyone, not just her. Therefore, it became evident that her boss was not treating her differently and that she was, in fact, really good at what she did. Overall, she came to believe that despite the way she was feeling and the way she was being communicated to, she is a good person and capable which impacted her performance and mood in a positive way. Lastly, Michelle gained great insight into the bigger picture of her life and realized that this position was only a piece of her and that she didn’t need to identify as the position she held. She was able to get more in touch with her core, identify her values and other things important to her so that she could live a fulfilling life despite where she worked or what position she held. These realizations helped Michelle greatly in all aspects of her life. 

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