For entrepreneurs who desire a thriving business AND satisfying relationships

Sedona Mindfulness and Movement Retreat for Entrepreneurs

Join us for a heartfelt journey into mastering YOU.

To learn more about this transformative 3 day Sedona retreat, keep reading…

The Beauty of Sedona + You
= Rediscover your passion and purpose

Sedona is more than a destination with beautiful red rocks and amazing energy. It’s where those who are truly committed to their potential go to slow down to hear that deep calling within. You’ve already broken through your fair share of barriers AND you know there is still more for you.

You’ve probably heard the stories of Sedona’s transformative power and energy, but it’s time for you to experience it yourself. 

The Truth About Your Next Level

Remember those “giants” you look up to? Their secret wasn’t constant rushing but moving with intention. They realize it’s about learning how to work smarter. While hustling is important, what is even more important is alignment, clarity, and intentional action. This retreat isn’t just another vacation– it’s a transformative experience designed to empower you with tangible strategies to create lasting results.

Embodied Breakthroughs: A retreat unlike others

This isn’t your average meditation retreat. 

We’ve woven together science backed methods with genuine passion and heart for change. Here is our unique promise to you:

A personal blueprint:

We know breakthroughs are not one size fits all. This intimate setting has space for your unique aspirations, dreams, and challenges. We are here to help you navigate and bring clarity to them.

Expert Retreat Facilitators:

Sid Scott and Larisa Harrington aren’t just experienced mentors; they are life transformers. With over 20 years combined military experience and even more in personal healing and transformation, they are equipped with what it takes to perform at your highest level. They will provide the perfect amount of challenge to guide and uplift you.

Post Retreat Support:

Have you ever left a retreat experience feeling brand new, only to fall into the same old habits and patterns a week later? We understand the vacuum post retreats can sometimes create. Our goal? To empower you with practical strategies to ensure your growth wasn’t just a moment, but a journey that lasts.

Movement, Mindset, Mastery

Beyond the stillness of traditional retreats, we believe in the power of purposeful physical movement. Each step and stretch is a journey within that peels back layers that make space for new insights and downloads.

Elevate Every Aspect of You

Physical: Discover practices that empower your body, create healing and breakthrough as you prep for your next phase.

Mental: Overcome hidden mental blocks with newfound clarity and ease.

Spiritual: Connect with your greater essence to help you deepen your relationships with yourself, your loved ones and your higher power.

Reserve Your Transformation Today

More than a retreat, this is an experience that has been calling you.  In the heart of Sedona, you won’t just sit and contemplate your potential; you will feel, live and breathe in it.

You’ve always been a step ahead. You can foresee trends.  You’ve made smart decisions.

Now is an opportunity to make the decision that is most crucial to your success story: YOU.

See you in Sedona?
Here’s the logistical details:

Dates: October 18-21, 2023. Check-in available anytime after 9 am.

Location: A private retreat destination in Sedona Arizona (Fly into PHX-Sky Harbor) Check it out HERE.

Transportation: Shuttles from the airport are available to Sedona. Details will be provided on how to access.

Food: Healthy, nourishing meals are included at the retreat site.

Purchase a commuter ticket and take advantage of a room block at a nearby hotel (Hotel partners TBA) or commute daily from your home. 

Still not sure if this is for you?
Here’s who this retreat experience is designed for:

Passionate Visionaries: If you’ve got an idea that’s been pulling at you, urging you to create, innovate, or transform, this retreat is for you.

Emerging Biz Owners: You’ve taken some brave steps to establish your business, but you’re looking for deeper clarity and purpose and to strengthen your foundation.

Established Entrepreneurs: Success is familiar to you, but you’re looking for more than money.  You’re craving alignment, fulfillment, and peace while reconnecting to your purpose.

Change Makers: You’re not just here to make money, but a meaningful impact.  You want to step into your next level but also want to stay authentic and true to your mission and values.

Lifelong Learners: You believe in continuous personal and professional growth.  You’re ready to uncover new perspectives and strategies to drive your life forward.

Balance-Seekers: Juggling business and life has left you a little beat up.  You’re looking for a harmonious blend of productivity, well-being, and growth.

Just some of what you’ll GET as result of attending this retreat:

Community: Here you will have the opportunity to connect and network with like-minded entrepreneurs who are invested in creating the best version of themselves and serving the world with their skills, gifts, and missions.

Self Care Tools: You will be guided through exercises, mindfulness, and movement exercises that will increase your resilience, clarity, and confidence. Here, traditionally complex concepts will be made simple.

Experiential Learning: You will be an active participant in your own retreat journey!  This isn’t like a conference or seminar where you sit in a chair all day and are fed ideas and theories. While there will be some sitting, this retreat offers well-crafted exercises to participate in within a safe setting.

Increased EQ: While we can’t reveal every last detail of what you’ll be participating in throughout your stay, you will be guided through exercises and frameworks to help you gain more control over your emotions, restore balance in your nervous system, and tools for handling future emotional experiences more effectively. We do things or don’t do things to feel something or avoid feeling something else. Having strong intelligence and command of your emotions allows you to work WITH yourself to create all the outcomes you desire both personally and professionally.

A Break and a Pause: You’ll be able to slow down a bit, enjoy nature and time to reflect in the beautiful retreat space and nature.  Break out of the day to day and join in on this restorative experience.

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