Unlock freedom, peace, and joy in abundance AND make a positive impact in the world.

The Abundance Blueprint

high acheivers habits
Purpose-driven high-achievers: trade scarcity, exhaustion and overwhelm for peace, prosperity, and a life you love!
high acheivers habits
I’ve gained new perspectives on life and found hope for joy and peace.
“When I first began the conversation with Larisa, I was in a space of hopelessness. I didn't know that I was worthy of support, and I was struggling. A moment of realization that something had to change struck me, I wiped tears from my face as I began the call with Larisa. 6 months later, I've gained a community of love and support. I've gained new perspectives on life and found hope for joy and peace!”
Kayla Muldoon

If you’re a purpose-driven high-achiever who’s exhausted, burnt out, and overwhelmed, I’d invite you to consider…

That you can create a positive impact in the world AND unlock freedom, peace, joy, and abundance in your health, relationships, and business.

You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. It’s not either / or. You get to have both.

You get to have it all… and you don’t have to do it all, people please them all, or give up all your energy and your power in the process.
Larisa Harrington
Larisa Harrington
This means that yes, YOU too can:

Bottom line:

You can make a positive impact in the world AND make good money AND have great personal and professional relationships AND take care of yourself AND just feel good again…

however YOU choose to define all of that.
Peace, prosperity, and a life you love are not only possible,
they’re probable and in fact, they’re within your power… with The Abundance Blueprint.
Her demeanor and prompting reflects her education in trauma-informed care.
"I entered Strong by Nature’s group coaching program physically and emotionally overwhelmed and burnt out. My stress was at such a high point that it was showing up medically. Larisa is absolutely brilliant. Her demeanor and prompting reflects her education in trauma-informed care. Any conversation that she is a part of leaves you feeling clear and empowered."
Cristin Caine
Hello and welcome!

I’m Larisa Harrington,
She / Her

As a wife, a mom of two, dog mom, and 20+ year Air Force Veteran, I understand what it takes to go out there every day and try to give all of your heart to everything you do.

My life is a daily balancing act of trying to prioritize health, nurturing important relationships, being a good human, trying to raise good humans, running a business that is deeply connected to my sense of purpose in the world, being a yoga and mindfulness coach, trying to give back and volunteer…
It’s a lot… and managing all that could easily take every ounce of energy and power if I’m not careful.

My dear overwhelmed, kind-hearted, high-achieving Impact Maker: I admire you so much.

I love how passionate you are about making a difference in the world. And it breaks my heart to know that you’re so burnt out and exhausted trying to do so, that’s a hard way to live.

I’m not a healer and I don’t “fix” people but I do know that regardless of what’s happened in your past and regardless of any diagnosis, your suffering isn’t a requirement.

I believe with all my heart that the world NEEDS you to be your best self. We need you to heal because your health and happiness matter and the world desperately need your gifts.

And I can’t wait to support you in unlocking them on your journey to freedom, peace, and joy in abundance as you create a positive impact in the world.

Let’s normalize abundant health, love, peace, ease, joy, impact.

Larisa Harrington
We live in a world that glorifies hustle culture and toxic productivity no matter what the cost.

A world where chronic stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm are so omnipresent that people often wear them as a badge of honor.

As kind-hearted high-achievers who give so much of ourselves to everything we do, it’s no surprise we’re so highly susceptible to burnout as we use our gifts to make a positive impact in the world.

Especially when you add into the mix our tendencies for perfectionism, people-pleasing, putting ourselves last, overcommitting, and (somehow) overdelivering anyways...

We are Strong By Nature after all. We never let the people who rely on us down… even if we grind ourselves down to nothing in the process.

And as happy as I am that, as a culture, we’ve started to normalize talking openly about these challenges… that does not mean that we have to let them become our new normal.

Let’s normalize accepting that we need and deserve the same care and support we give so generously to others. Let’s normalize choosing to nurture, heal, and grow ourselves first.

And let’s normalize creating abundant health, love, peace, ease, and joy in our lives so that we make an even greater impact in this world.

The good news is that there’s a blueprint to help us do exactly that.

About The Abundance Blueprint:

The Abundance Blueprint is a transformative 12-month healing journey designed and led by Larisa Harrington and her Strong By Nature team.

Over the course of 12 months, you will find the clarity and courage you need to trade in your scarcity, exhaustion, and overwhelm for peace, prosperity, and a life you love! Using our signature CALM method that is the foundation of The Abundance Blueprint, you will work to heal your relationships with yourself, with your loved ones and professional colleagues, with your health, and with your work.

As you do that, you’ll unlock your most aligned, confident, and fulfilling life… creating a positive impact in abundance.
I now have the skills and the strategy...
"I used to wake up with panic attacks, always thinking and always worrying. I no longer do that. I now have the skills and the strategy and I now can put it into language and I know what I'm feeling. Beforehand I didn't have that. I just knew that it was overwhelming and that I felt like I was drowning."

What you’ll get in The Abundance Blueprint:

Group Coaching Q & A Sessions:

Get individualized guidance to help you make your biggest impact and live a life filled with abundance without sacrificing your health and happiness. 

Mind-Body Medicine:

Group experiences where you can start acknowledging, healing, and addressing the deeply rooted inner beliefs that are keeping you from a life you love.

Focus and Align Clarity Sessions:

Manifestation sessions to help you get clear about what you want so you move forward with clarity and alignment and create the life of your dreams

Daily Self-Care Reminder Email:

Quickly and easily support your self-care with guided meditations, positive affirmations, and journaling prompts so you feel grounded and ready every day.

On-Demand Digital Learning:

On-demand education, tools, and healing practices to help you find relief and support in the moment based on the issues in front of you.

Unconditional support on your journey toward abundance

Being a high-achieving kind-hearted person who genuinely cares about humanity and the impact you make in the world, who is working hard to create a positive impact…

Who is the strong one in the family, the one that people lean on for support, the one everyone looks to lead in times of challenge, the one who has it all together…

Can be isolating at times.

That’s because beneath the surface we often feel intense pressure to do it all, have it all, and be everything for everyone. And it’s long past time we agree that it’s unreasonable to expect that we can do all that.

We deserve support too.

We need a safe and non-judgmental space to share our challenges and celebrate our wins; to laugh, cry, or process whatever emotion we’re feeling; to take up space and hold compassionate space for others; to be validated, understood, cheered for, consoled, witnessed… unconditionally.

We are Strong By Nature AND we also need someone to be strong for us.

This group is awesomeness and it changed my life.
I did individual coaching with Larisa first and that was uncomfortable for me because I knew she was going to hold me accountable. And then I moved into group coaching and honestly, that was even more beneficial for me because I learn from other people. I feel so comfortable here pouring out my soul, I honestly don’t even know where I would be without this group. I can’t say enough praise about this group. It’s awesomeness and it changed my life, literally. From feeling depressed and like I was not handling life, to why am I feeling this way, to my past, to coming full circle and figuring stuff out and the community helping me and now being able to better support myself and my family. My Aunt even commented about how positive I am all the time. It was neat to see a family member recognize that within me, not that I need that, but it felt good. (Shared from a video testimonial)
Melissa Nueva

If you’re reading this and you find yourself completely stressed out and beyond exhausted, you’re not alone. Many Impact Makers are.

Many are dealing with constant aches, pains, and tension in their bodies, battling chronic illness, wrestling with anxiety and depression, getting into constant battles in their home life, struggling at work or in business…

But let me be clear… relief is possible. Healing is possible. Hope is possible.

And freedom, peace, and joy in your health, relationships, and business are probable… with the Abundance Blueprint.

This Blueprint can help the Impact Maker whose health is suffering, who doesn’t sleep well, who is in a heightened state of tension all the time… but who has no time for self-care.

It can help the high-achiever who is struggling to balance all the things they “should” do given the different hats they wear: parent, partner, adult child, friend, leader, giver, doer, strong one, socially conscious human.

It can help the purpose-driven, perfectionist, people-pleasing entrepreneur who has difficulty recognizing what is “good enough”, who regularly sacrifices boundaries, over commits, and burns out.

It can help the kind-hearted person who cares so deeply about their loved ones and their community and just wants to have their needs understood so they can be cared for deeply in return.

For the people who are Strong By Nature, who want to believe that there is another way to create abundance in life, love, health, and business AND still make a positive impact in the world…

There is another way. And I’m inviting you to join us and take it.

There is a sacredness within this group...
“When I first began, I was very concerned about the people in the group — could I trust they're not going to put stuff about me out on social media?

But I quickly saw that there’s a sacredness within the group and it truly is a safe space where I find so much support, safety, love, and joy. I’ve shown up to the group crying and choking on my words because what was coming up was so painful and raw. And through all those times, I’ve found love and support and honesty and skills to help me move forward which is so important to me. Before this, I was used to people telling me that I was too much, but I’m never too much here. I’m always as I should be in the moment, and because of that, this group has helped me unearth ME.

Not me the business person, or the mother, or the wife, or the daughter… but I’ve uncovered the essence and the power that is me and learned how to take care of that little girl inside of me in addition to taking care of the other phases of my life.”
Latesha Claiborne
Unlocking Abundance Is An Experience

About the Strong By Nature Community

Transformative & Holistic Healing:

Create space to identify, understand, process, and release trauma, expectations, shoulds, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve you.

Safe, Intimate & Inclusive Community:

Receive unconditional support and camaraderie in a small group setting of kind-hearted humans who share similar values.

On-Demand Curated Learning:

Education, tools, and healing practices to help you find relief in the moment based on the issues in front of you.

Profound Ease & Individualized Impact:

Intuitively and professionally curated for busy individuals who want to create powerful changes with ease across multiple areas in life.

How you’ll create ABUNDANCE

The Blueprint for experiencing freedom, peace, and joy in abundance starts with knowing you are worthy and continues with learning how to be the calm amidst the chaos that is being an Impact Maker.

For many kind-hearted entrepreneurs and leaders, this is truly difficult work. But it doesn’t have to be, just like it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time or add to your already full to-do list. With The Abundance Blueprint, you’ll start building a life you love in only an hour a week by focusing on:
Emotional Intelligence
Healthy Habits
Larisa kept me accountable in such a safe and gentle manner.
"WOW! The true meaning of CLARITY is Larisa Harrington! I thought I knew what it meant but boy did I embody it after just one phone call with her. I was blown away with actionable steps that I ACTUALLY, REALLY took and achieved! Larisa kept me accountable in such a safe and gentle manner. Her kind demeanor helped get my creative juices flowing so much that I had no idea I had it in me. She showed me the way and I DID IT! I’m on my way to launching 2 visions in just 2 days of speaking with her.

IS THAT CLARITY or what, I ask? I’m still in a little bit of shock while writing this as it has taken me years of idealizing and never putting to action and bearing the fruit. The time has arrived. It arrived the day I had the call with Larisa. Thank you!!"

CALM: the pillars that support your abundance

Regardless of how difficult it may have been for you up until now… you are Strong By Nature. You’re a high achiever and an impact maker.

You make things happen when given the right tools and support. Learning to Be the Calm amidst the chaos that is being an Impact Maker are the pillars that support your blueprint for freedom, peace, and joy in abundance.

Create clarity of your values, vision, and goals

When you’re chronically stressed and overwhelmed, your brain enters a state where it does everything it can to try to protect you. This is great, that’s what brains are supposed to do, and also, it can make it virtually impossible for you to make decisions to help get you unstuck and move forward toward a life of greater ease, joy and abundance. The Abundance Blueprint is designed to help you regularly check back in with your foundation: what do you want for YOUR life so you can take aligned action every day to create it.

Allow yourself to be in a loving and supportive community 

No matter how busy you are, no matter where you live, no matter what is going on in your life, this community is strong enough to hold you. There is tremendous power that comes from giving yourself permission to show up as your full authentic self — imperfections, vulnerabilities, and all — and being met with compassion as those around you relate to your struggles, hear you out without judgment, support you unconditionally, and help you on your healing journey.

Learn to regulate your nervous system and experience peace

Your chronic stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm aren’t mandatory. Making a positive impact in the world does not require you to lose yourself, sacrifice your relationships, and burn yourself out.  Between our mind-body healing sessions and our short yet impactful meditation and mindfulness exercises, you can learn to calm your mind and regulate your nervous systems so you can ease your burnout symptoms and experience peace. The best part: you can start to feel relief as soon as your first call!

Manifest abundance in health, business, and relationships

Kind-hearted high-achievers are often made to feel like they have to choose between making an impact and feeling good, being successful and having meaningful relationships… and that belief is false. You can have it all — abundant impact, abundant financial success, abundant health, abundantly loving relationships… and you don’t have to do it all or be everything to everyone to get there. With a blend of mindset work, positive psychology, and gratitude practices, you will learn the techniques to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.
We don't even realize that we're struggling until somebody actually asks how are you doing.
"All I would say is with everything going on in the world sometimes we don't even realize that we're struggling until somebody actually asks how are you doing. Larisa's questions changed my life and I think she can change yours too. Just give it a try."
Melissa Barnes

The Value of the The Abundance Blueprint

Total Value

How would it feel if you could

Can you imagine creating trading scarcity, exhaustion, and overwhelm for peace, prosperity, and a life you love?!

Are you willing to believe that it’s possible for you and that you deserve it?!
I don’t spend money on myself but I knew I needed this.
“Before joining, my only hesitation was around how much it was going to cost — I don’t spend money on myself. But I had this gut feeling that this was what I needed to do. I brought it up to my husband — not because I was scared or asking permission, but because I wanted his support on it. That’s when he reminded me how much I spend on skincare and told me to go for it. When I think about it, I think the real hesitancy was that I wouldn’t stick with it because I’m not good at sticking with things and I’ve never done something like this before. But I think investing in me made me motivated. I didn’t want to let myself or my husband down. It was scary, exciting, fun, and motivating, and I’m so glad I did it.”
Millie Craven

The Abundance Blueprint: Investment Options

Group Program
Weekly group sessions
Month-to-month with no long-term contract
30-day cancellation notice required
Group & 1:1 Hybrid Program
Unlimited group sessions and monthly 1:1 coaching
Month-to-month with no long-term contract
30-day cancellation notice required

The Abundance Blueprint is designed to help YOU create a life YOU love…

Can you imagine creating trading scarcity, exhaustion, and overwhelm for peace, prosperity, and a life you love?!

This is why it’s designed with ease and flexibility in mind, to meet the needs of exhausted, busy, high-achieving Impact Makers. We want to help you recover from burnout and exhaustion because we want the world to experience YOU at YOUR best.

This means the support and coaching you receive is high-impact, personalized, and customized… meeting you where you’re at and helping you overcome whatever challenge is keeping you from experiencing freedom, peace, joy, and impact in abundance. 

Are you willing to believe that it’s possible for you and that you deserve it?!
I knew that it was a safe place that I could go with no judgment.
"There were days I didn't want to show up in the state that I was in but I knew that even days where I was a wreck, I knew that it was a safe place that I could go with no judgment. I've not felt judged a second I've been in that group no matter the form I show up in and that's so empowering to know that I deserve connection and love and grace no matter where I am in life, no matter what stage I'm in or what's happening in my life at that moment. It's been unbelievably beautiful."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. While you do receive access to on-demand learning and self-care practices to supplement your healing journey if those resources appeal to you, they are truly meant to be bonus material only. The Abundance Blueprint is a live small group coaching, healing and strategy program.

The schedule typically stays the same and every week, we release our programming schedule for the upcoming week so you can plan ahead. Sessions are typically held at 6:30 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:15 AM, 1 pm and 7:30 PM ET so you can choose the time that best suits your schedule. All calls are hosted on Zoom in EST and all are recorded so you have the ability to watch the replay. You can see our current schedule here

Life happens and missing calls happens. Sometimes we can predict these things in advance, other times we can’t and that’s okay. When you join, you choose the time slot that best fits your schedule, however you can request to attend another time slot if you are unable to attend one week. We keep the sessions small so that each person receives ample individualized support so if there is not space to join another time, you will still receive access to the recording. 

We know that making a big commitment when you’re already overwhelmed can be a lot to take in. In an ideal scenario, we’d support you for an entire year so you have the time to maximize the benefits of using The Abundance Blueprint to transform all areas of your life. Over the course of a year, our clients who achieve maximum benefits often work up to incorporating 15-30 minutes of self-care and healing time per day which usually looks like meditation, journaling and/or movement, and also prioritize 1-2 group sessions per week. That said, we also recognize and firmly believe that ANY time you have to prioritize YOU is time well spent. So if it feels better for where you’re at right now, you can join the program on a month-to-month basis and receive tremendous healing benefits if you commit to attending at least 1 weekly 1-hour session.

There are no refunds for this program and all purchases are final. We find that people get the most benefit by staying in the program at least 6 months, however there are no long-term contracts, so you are free to cancel your membership with a 30-day written cancellation notice. By not having a contract, it allows us the opportunity to continue earning your participation every single month. 

At Strong By Nature, we value authenticity and it would not be in integrity if we were to say that we promise or guarantee any particular outcome because whether or not you show up for yourself in this coaching program is outside of our control. That said, we wholeheartedly believe that whether you’re in this program for 1 month or 12… if you commit to yourself, if you prioritize attending the group calls, and if you approach this work with an open mind and open heart… you can completely transform your life and trade scarcity, exhaustion and overwhelm for peace, prosperity, and a life you love!

You will probably LOVE The Abundance Blueprint if you:

You will probably not love The Abundance Blueprint if you:

What do you say kind-hearted, high-achieving, Impact Maker?
Are you ready to Unlock freedom, peace, and joy in abundance AND make a positive impact in the world?

Time, health, love, and joy are abundant in my life again.
“When I joined this program, my life was spiraling out of control no thanks to a health diagnosis that was affecting everyone and everything around me and taking me down with it… and I was so afraid. I was afraid I wouldn’t get dedicated time or support to help me solve MY problems. Failure was not an option and I didn’t have time for cookie-cutter coaching. I was also afraid, given how exhausting it is to be a toddler mom, an entrepreneur, and someone battling for their health… that I didn’t have the time or energy to do the work needed to get the results I wanted. But very quickly, all my fears melted away because this program exceeded every expectation and then some.

I get coaching on each call that meets ME where I’m at and is unique to whatever is going on with ME that day. On top of that, I get to learn while listening to others and apply the coaching they receive to my life which I did not expect. And between the inherent accountability in this type of group and the newfound clarity I have on how important I AM, I enjoy making time for self-care and the other mindfulness habits I’ve learned. They’re now nonnegotiable practices for me because they help me feel better, help me get more done, help me be more creative in my work, and help me be the person I want to be for those I love. It’s amazing to recognize that I was in such a dark place not long ago, to now feel that time, health, love, and joy are abundant in my life again… and it has been such a blessing.”
Amy Matos

You are worthy. You are enough. Your health and happiness matters.
Peace, joy, freedom, ease and abundance is possible for you, too.