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Allowing you to do more of what you love without burning out

Our 1-on-1 support is designed for high-achieving entrepreneurs, leaders and executives who are passionate about taking care of others and want to continue doing what they love without burning out.

Are you ready to live your purpose without feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted?

When I ask my clients why they do so much even though they are exhausted and at the verge of burning out, they share:
  • I’m supposed to be able to do it all.”

  • “I don’t say no when somebody needs something because I want everyone to be happy.”

  • “I know I need to practice self-care, but I feel guilty because there is so much to be done.

  • “I keep waiting for things to calm down before I make time to rest…but it never comes”

Maybe you’ve found yourself saying and doing these things, too.

If you find yourself nodding yes, then…

Welcome purpose-Driven high-Achiever

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were able to:

  • Find the motivation and time in every day to work towards your wellness goals

  • Feel relaxed and peaceful

  • Not having to choose between taking care of yourself and making the impact you want to make.

  • Just feel better and get to have it all!

Let us help you expand the impact of the work that you are already doing with strategies that allow you to live your purpose in a sustainable way.

In our 1-on-1 high touch coaching and strategy programs, we help purpose-driven high-achievers, like you, make the impact you’re called to make – without burning out.

We help you make your health and wellness a priority and find ways to make it a natural part of your life so it doesn’t take away from the incredible work that you’re doing.

We offer one-day retreats, monthly retainers and curated 1:1 programs.

Larisa Harrington

I’m Larisa Harrington

Expanding Impact: Private Wellness Strategy

I'm passionate about helping clients be their best selves, allowing them to thrive at home, at work, and in life.

I'm a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and with over 2 decades in the wellness field.
With my deep understanding of how unmanaged stress and anxiety affect all aspects of life, I believe that well-being encompasses mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and environmental components.

For someone in a constant state of anxiety and overwhelm, it may not seem possible to actually get “more time”

But for my clients, by focusing on things like mindfulness, taking aligned actions, being intentional with what we say yes/no to, boundaries, asking for what they need,

  • They spend LESS time ruminating, staying up at night stressing,
  • trying to be perfect and trying to do it all
  • they are spending MORE time on what really matters and actually enjoying life.
results I've seen in clients

One of our coaching clients who began working with us a few months ago when they were really struggling with balancing all of their responsibilities as a mom, wife and entrepreneur, while also dealing with a newly diagnosed chronic illness.

This client (who previously “didn’t have time” for self-care and was constantly feeling overwhelmed) has been showing up to our sessions consistently and now spends 30 minutes – 2 hours a day on self-care with yoga, meditation, swimming, journaling, group coaching and/or mind-body medicine healing sessions.

In a recent session, this client acknowledged that they were still able to take care of all of their family and work responsibilities- even with now including self-care activities into each day.

Peaceful purpose

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