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Meet Larisa Harrington

leadership Coach and Yoga Therapist

Mother. Wife. Veteran. Coach. Sunrise and sunset watcher. Motivator. Nature appreciator. Nurturer. Mentor. Reader. Dancer. Sunshine seeker. Teacher. Student. World traveler. Holistic healer. Dream chaser. Positive vibe distributor. Performance optimizer. Smile giver. Life enthusiast.

What is Wellness from Within?

Wellness Can Be Defined As Many Things

Physical Wellness

Keeping your body in optimal condition and health through a balanced diet and various forms of exercise.

Emotional Wellness

Being able to clearly recognize your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, both positive and negative.

Spiritual Wellness

Having identified meaning and purpose in your life.

Occupational Wellness

Maximizing your workplace happiness by focusing on what brings you the most joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment as well as successfully managing workplace stressors.

Environmental Wellness

Feeling safe in, respecting and protecting the world around you.

Social Wellness

Having the ability to connect with others and maintaining strong relationships.


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