How Do I Become Less Resistant to Having a Schedule?

Anytime I talk about calendars and schedules, it tends to generate a lot of conversation. And my recent blog post was no different. So, let’s talk about why you may feel resistant to setting a schedule for yourself. 

Schedules Don’t Equate to Constriction

For many of us, we are resistant to committing to a schedule because it can feel very constricting if we like to be more spontaneous and go with the flow of how we’re feeling in a given moment. If that’s you, then know this. Creating a calendar doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. It just means that you are setting the intention to dedicate time to what’s most important to you. We touched on this more in-depth in our last blog post.

When you do that, I recommend you approach that time with a sense of curiosity. 

Try This With Your Schedule

Let’s say you decide to wake up early and exercise. Did you commit to waking up early to work out because exercise is important to you only to find that it makes you feel miserable? Good!!

Now you’ve learned that you’re not a morning exerciser and you KNOW you want to exercise, yet right now you “don’t have time for it” and that makes you feel bad, then you need to make a change. Since you know it’s important for you that exercise finds its way into your day, you can create a new plan that feels better for YOU. 

So start by adding time for exercise into your calendar and experiment with it until you find a schedule that you LOVE so much that it’s easy to stick with it. 

Not Doing Does Not Equate to Failure

The other common pushback I hear around calendars is a fear of failure. Many people have a very real fear that if they put something on their calendar and then don’t do it then that means they’re a failure. But here’s the thing – you are NEVER a failure.

If you set something in your calendar and then something else comes up that’s more important, or if you’re not feeling well enough to do that thing, it’s ok. It’s actually more than ok. It’s completely normal. That’s not failure. That’s making intentional choices about what matters most to YOU and what feels good to YOU in a particular situation. 

That’s why overcoming the resistance and having a defined schedule that works for YOU is so powerful. It makes it easier for you in the moment to say “yes” to what matters, and “no” to what does not. 

Remember that, every time you say yes to something, you’re saying no to something else. Use your calendar to help make sure you’re saying yes to the right things. If you want to take it a step further and be creative with a calendar or use a different calendar just for self-care, check out these calendar apps. You can also look into our group coaching to get some accountability around prioritizing what’s most important!