The Importance of A Schedule

What is one of the biggest sources of power for a high-achiever who wants to make an impact without burning out? Having a schedule. Now look, I know a schedule doesn’t sound all that sexy but believe me, they are. Schedules are extremely powerful if you’re the type of Impact Maker who wants to learn how to take better care of YOU so that you can keep having the impact you want to make in the world. 

One of the things that we work on in group coaching is this idea of scheduling and not allowing it to feel overwhelming. Creating a schedule does not mean that your life is set in stone. It means that you’re committed to using your time every day to take action on what matters most to you.

Base Your Schedule on Importance 

I recommend that all my clients create schedules that are centered on what is most important to them. So, what is most important to YOU? Is it self-care? Family time? Your hobbies? Work? 

I find it interesting that most people seem to have no issue managing a calendar and scheduling out work time, taking kids to extracurricular activities, vet appointments, and whatever else is required of them for others. But, for whatever reason, we often hesitate when it comes to scheduling time for our health. 

So often I hear from Impact Makers who are completely stressed out, exhausted, and on the verge of total burnout who say that they have no time for themselves. And yet if we look at their calendar together, we tend to find lots of unscheduled time that ends up as wasted time. A lot of people spend time binging Netflix or doing endless scrolling online. 

If it’s not on your calendar – and I mean physically blocked out on your phone calendar or using a physical planner as if it were a work meeting – how important is it? 

If this is you, consider this…

The First Step to Scheduling

Start simple. Pick one hour a week and block it off. Now commit to yourself that that hour is officially reserved for something that’s important to YOU. You don’t even have to decide what you’re going to use it for yet. Just start by blocking it out. Give yourself the gift of committed time to do something that matters to YOU.

Would you like accountability to make sure that you KEEP taking action on what matters to you? 

Schedule a quick conversation with me to see how we can work together. In the meantime, download our values exercise to start getting clear on what’s important!