Budding Package

Our Budding package includes access to:
  • Unlimited Live Yoga Sessions
  • On-demand Yoga, Meditation and Strength Library with 500+ Classes
  • Daily Guided Meditations
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Monthly Workshop/Retreat
  • Private Facebook Group with Ongoing Accountability and Support

This membership is perfect for someone who:

  • enjoys live classes
  • benefits from adding yoga into current self-care routine
  • wants to maintain health and well-being

Our classes are designed to be physically accessible to different bodies.

SIGN UP NOW $199 per month

*Scholarship pricing is available upon request.

This membership is a recurring membership and will be billed monthly on the date that you signed up.

Please note, this is a month-to-month membership. If you wish to cancel your upcoming payment, please log into your profile 14 days prior to your next billing date and cancel your membership.

*By signing up for a package, you agree to being kind and respectful to fellow community members, regardless of:

  • race
  • ethnicity
  • national origin
  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • gender identity and expression
  • immigration status
  • religion
  • neurodiversity
  • disabilityclass per week