What is Meditation?

Paying attention, on purpose, without judgment

How do you learn to meditate? In mindfulness meditation, we’re learning how to pay attention to the breath as it goes in and out, and notice when the mind wanders from this task. This practice of returning to the breath builds the muscles of attention and mindfulness.

When we pay attention to our breath, we are learning how to return to, and remain in, the present moment—to anchor ourselves in the here and now on purpose, without judgement.

Why Learn to Meditate?

While meditation isn’t a cure-all, it can certainly provide some much-needed space in your life. Sometimes, that’s all we need to make better choices for ourselves, our families, and our communities. And the most important tools you can bring with you to your meditation practice are a little patience, some kindness for yourself, and an open mind.

When we meditate, we inject far-reaching and long-lasting benefits into our lives. And bonus: you can practice meditation when, where and how it’s best for you!

Meditation can be a powerful practice in helping us slow down and make more intentional choices and there are so many benefits! Some of the benefits include:

Are you ready to begin your 5-day meditation series?

All meditations are led by Larisa Harrington, a Wellness Strategist, Holistic Life Coach and Certified Yoga Therapist with over 2 decades of experience in health and wellness. Larisa served 20 years in the military and specializes in helping those struggling with anxiety, depression or burnout finally find peace. 

She is passionate about helping high-achievers make a positive impact in the world without burning out. 

She is married to a fellow Air Force veteran and they live near Frederick, Maryland with their 2 children.