Healthcare Executive Struggles to Improve Work-Life Balance

The Problem

For the sake of this case study and honoring the privacy of the client, we are going to call this client Alexandria. Alexandria is a health and wellness professional that understands the importance of self-care yet found herself not implementing her own practices that she knows are beneficial to her. She would regularly not have any boundaries for others and therefore would find herself working long hours due to having to make up work. In addition to staying late, she has a long commute home and found that this was impeding on her self-care time and time with family.

The Solution

To help Alexandria, Larisa provided ongoing coaching to her to help her get more clear about where her time was going and what needed to be a priority. During coaching, Larisa asked her powerful questions like “What things do you add to your calendar?, “What is important about making time for your meditation practices?”, “How do you feel when you skip your self-care?”, and “How does it help you with your clients?”. Additionally, Larisa role played with Alexandria so that when she was having conversations with people, she had the skillset to come to conclusions more quickly so that so much of her time wasn’t spent on lengthy conversations that weren’t necessary.

The Outcome

Once Alexandria began her coaching sessions, she was able to really dial in on what was expected of her at work. This enabled her to determine what tasks she was being held accountable for and what tasks were the responsibility of others. This helped free up some of her time at work so that she was able to get back to a more normal self-care routine. Practicing self-care enabled her to feel more authentic with her clients since she was doing the very things she was telling them to do. She understood that she was putting more expectations on herself than others. She was also able to begin setting boundaries for herself with clients so that their appointments didn’t impede on her post-appointment time used to complete notes about the session. This alleviated the need to stay after work to complete her notes.