Work Stress Affects Mid-Level Manager’s Health

The Problem

For the sake of this case study and honoring the privacy of the client, we are going to call this client Adriane. Adriane oversaw several people as a mid-level executive and noticed that in her she was under a great deal of stress in her position. She was not only taking the stress home to her spouse which was affecting their relationship, but she was also noticing that the stress was worsening symptoms she had that were associated with chronic illnesses she suffered from. She knew that movement helped her manage stress and as therefore would improve her relationship and her symptoms however, she could not seem to bring herself to prioritizing movement on a regular basis.

The Solution

To begin finding a solution for Adriane’s stress, Larisa asked powerful questions to get a better understanding of what was in the way of her reaching her goal of diminishing her symptoms and to help her realize how she would feel when she put her self-care first. To help with managing the stress, Larisa guided Adriane through several yoga sessions so that she was getting some sort of movement in. She also had Adrianne incorporate walking while she was being coached.

The Outcome

Having Larisa as an accountability partner and incorporating movement in regularly helped Adriane reduce her symptoms so that she wasn’t being impacted so much by her chronic illnesses. Additionally, the coaching helped Adriane realize that everyone has something going on that most people don’t know about and that it’s important to practice compassion towards those people and herself. She learned better coping mechanisms to deal with her stress and learned how to prioritize her self-care.