Successful Mid-Level Executive Struggles with Putting Health and Fitness First

The Problem

For the sake of this case study and honoring the privacy of the client, we are going to call this client Melissa. Melissa was newly married and found herself wanting to spend every waking moment with her spouse. She loved being around him but noticed that her health was declining as she was gaining more weight. Melissa struggled with balancing time with her new spouse and putting fitness and her health first. After all, her spouse loved her no matter what size she was so she wasn’t too motivated to make a change.

The Solution

Larisa helped Melissa find balance using yoga, meditation, and coaching. Through coaching, Melissa determined that while her spouse loved her as she was now, her long term health was really important to her. She could not allow it to continue to deteriorate so she had to make a change. She wanted to live the best life she could now and when she aged.

The Outcome

Practicing yoga, meditating, and being coached helped Melissa see how good it felt to put her health first and realize that she can do those things while still having plenty of time with her spouse. She was able to lose nearly 50 pounds. Therefore, she feels better and her overall health has improved as a result of the weight loss.