Rising Leader Struggles with Expectations and Authenticity

The Problem

For the sake of this case study and honoring the privacy of the client, we are going to call this client Jasmine. Jasmine is in the military and struggling with managing the person she is “supposed to be” while serving our country. As a carefree artist who is an African American female, she feels that expressing herself is frowned upon. She works in a field that is predominantly young, white males so simply being a female, let alone an African American female, is already a challenge for her. The fact that she wants to be a wild and carefree person who can freely express themselves has added another dimension to her challenge as being wild and carefree doesn’t align well with what is expected in the military.

The Solution

Larisa used three modalities to help Jasmine live more authentically. She lead Jasmine through yoga sessions, iRest co-meditation, and provided her coaching as well. Many of the coaching sessions were around helping Jasmine realize that it doesn’t have to be either-or. That in fact, she can still live authentically while being more regimented in the military and being a carefree artist. During coaching, Larisa asked Jasmine powerful questions such as “How does it feel when you are able to live authentically?” and “What does it feel like in your body?” to help remind her how good it feels to be herself.

The Outcome

Once Jasmine owned who she was and learned that she could have both the military and her expressive lifestyle, she blossomed. She now owns her own business as a writer and teaches yoga, all while feeling authentic!

I was in the middle of a big move. So many things in my life were changing at once and it was hard for me to try and balance it all. To top it off, the pandemic had placed the world in a standstill. I was confused and overwhelmed. Talking with Larisa was the pause I needed. She led me through the iRest co-meditation dyad and helped me to understand my emotions. Beyond that, she helped me realize my inner strength and power to combat these feelings of fear and confusion with affirmations of hope. I had the answers within me and she helped me clear away the dust so I could see them more clearly. I am eternally grateful for her patience and support!