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Strong By Nature offers services supporting your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health and well-being, allowing you to make a positive impact in the world, while experiencing freedom, peace and joy.


Trauma informed and Accessible Yoga | Meditation | Strength Classes

We offer trauma informed and accessible yoga, meditation and strength classes in a safe and inclusive environment for all sizes, ages, genders, abilities and experience levels.
"I just moved to Frederick and was looking for a way to start exercising more. I found Larisa’s site and, participated in one of her free Facebook classes and decided to dive in. I’m so glad I did. I spend every weekday morning in Larisa’s class. Larisa is motivating, centering, and challenging. I’m getting stronger and more mindful and I’ve never been happier!"
Laura Hagmann


Self Care | Burnout | Accountability

In our private and group self-care, burnout, accountability programs, you will feel seen, heard, valued and understood. We support you in making YOU a priority so you can show up for what truly matters - authentically & unapologetically.


1-on-1 Executive Coaching | Burnout Recovery Strategy

1-on-1 executive coaching & burnout recovery strategy is designed to help high-achievers prevent or recover from burnout so they can continue doing what they love without burning out.
"I didn't realize how much a coaching session could help me gain clarity until it happened. Larisa provided a supportive and trusting environment so that even through a virtual appointment, she helped me break through what I needed to charter through a new chapter in my life. We turned it from a foggy unknown to a hopeful and positive journey.
Thank you Strong By Nature!"
Nina Ung

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Be the calm even when the world around you feels chaotic

Calm Amidst the Chaos

Are you ready to...

  • Feel calmer and more intentional?
  • Feel confident and good in your own body?
  • Have enough energy to do what truly matters to you?
  • Live each day with peace, ease, and abundance?