7 Ideas to Prevent Burnout

Fall is in full swing and with it comes busier schedules with school, sports and preparation for the holidays, colder weather, and shorter days. Because of this, Fall is notorious for people putting self-care on the back burner or not doing as much self-care as they normally do. 

As an Impact Maker, it’s important that you stay on top of your self-care to prevent burnout. We encourage you to embrace this natural time of reflection and gratitude and take advantage of a time to change up your routine and do some seasonal self-care activities. We’ve got some great ideas for you below!

Have fun! Get in touch with the creative and fun part of yourself

– remember that as an impact maker, you have to take time to allow your brain to process and that means not “doing” all the time. Take time out and plan some of these fun activities…

  • Pick some apples at a local orchard
  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Take a Sunday drive to enjoy the fall foliage
  • Take a hayride
  • Go for a hike


– since you’ll likely be spending more time inside, it’s a great time to clean up your space! You’ll be surprised at the benefits this has on your mental space.

Give to a cause you’re passionate about

– For us impact makers this is a big one! We tend to give a lot and this time of year is perfect with Thanksgiving – there are a lot of opportunities to help distribute food and warmer clothing to those in need.

Create a fall exercise routine

– try mapping out some different areas outside where you can take a walk while taking in the scenery.

Set boundaries

– demands are high during this time of year so make sure that you are clear about what you will do and not do as well as what you will allow others to do or not do. 

Ask for help

– with that being said, don’t be afraid to ask for help – especially around Thanksgiving. Even if you’re doing a virtual Thanksgiving, don’t take it on by yourself. Make sure you delegate what doesn’t bring you joy!

Get outside

– self-care can be as simple as stepping outside and taking a deep breath of the cool, crisp air. Take just 2 minutes each morning before you get your day started or even at night to release whatever happened that day.

Whatever you decide to do, just be proactive about self-care this season. Don’t forget that you can always join us for yoga as a member or join us for our drop-in classes