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  • 6 Reasons You Should Try Yoga Even As A Beginner

    6 Reasons You Should Try Yoga Even As A Beginner

    Yoga is an ancient technique from India dating back to 3000 BC, which includes physical, mental, and spiritual practices. The Sanskrit word yoga means union, since its original purpose was to unify body, mind, and spirit. There were originally several “paths” and styles of yoga which were not only to do with the physical aspect. Yoga, as now…

  • 4 Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

    4 Benefits of Private Yoga Classes

    If you’re familiar with yoga, you’re most likely aware that there are a myriad of benefits including, but not limited to, increased mobility, decreased stress, and reduced pain. Many styles of yoga may also bring increased muscle tone or endurance. While every style of yoga has benefits, not every style may benefit you. We share…

  • What is Yoga Therapy?

    What is Yoga Therapy?

    It can start with something that seems as simple as a pop. Your knee pops but it ends up being the sound of a slight tear in your meniscus and the beginning of months of agonizing pain. After going to see several doctors and failed attempts to rid the pain and reduce the never-ending swelling,…